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OTL28-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

Highlights for two or three lucky zodiacs were a fluffy Light-mantled sooty albatross chick on a nest right at the edge of the island; and a

OTL27-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

The expedition to the Ross Sea had begun in earnest and at 6pm Captain Ernesto, came to the bar for a welcoming toast to the passengers and

Adding Antarctica to Your Seven-Continents Bucket List

It’s a common pursuit among serious travelers to visit all seven continents. And indeed, the term “bucket list,” which became popular (if no

Two for the Snow: Polar Cruises for Couples

You know the old saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.” We’re not doctors or anything, but in our opinion that bodes well for couples who visit t

Five Reasons You Should Cruise the Ross Sea Immediately

In our quest for the little-known holiday destination (that’s still popular enough to have its own fully developed spa and gift shop), we tr

Visiting the Nearly Unknown: New Zealand’s Campbell Island

Campbell Island is located south of Bluff, New Zealand. It's best known for its flora and fauna. Read on to discover which wildlife you can

An igneous paradise: Franklin Island

Franklin Island is located in the Ross Sea. It's not just a pile of volcanic rubble, but actually remnants of a shield volcano. Read on and

The Most Epic Journey In The World: Ross Sea Antarctica

This expedition had everything – jaw dropping landscapes, whales galore, volcanoes, ice, ice and more ice of all kinds, berg, fast, sea, pan

The first winter over in Antarctica

In 1899, Carsten Borchgrevink and his nine selected men became the first to winter-over in Antarctica. The 10 men were to spend the dark win

Scott Base’s 60th anniversary

The Trans-Antarctic Expedition (TAE), also known as the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (CTAE), aimed to complete the first overland

8 Whales You Might See during Your Antarctica Cruise

They’re powerful. They’re beautiful. Some of them are really really big. Whales are a wonder of the natural world. Whale-watching is one of

Oceanwide Supports Antarctic Protected Areas

Oceanwide Expeditions applauds the adoption of the Ross Sea region marine protected area recently adopted by the Commission for the Conserva

Oceanwide on Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica

Oceanwide Expeditions welcomes the adoption of the Ross Sea region marine protected area adopted by the Commission for the Conservation of A

Science of the Ross Ice Shelf

Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf is enormous in size, covering 487,000 sq. km – the size of France – and has a thickness ranging from a few hundr

Antarctica’s first Marine Protected Area

In October of this year, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, which is comprised of 24 countries includ

Oceanwide discounts voyages to celebrate Ross Sea protection news

Oceanwide Expeditions is celebrating the news that the Ross Sea will become the world’s largest marine protected area by offering discounts

Antarctic Icon: 44 Facts About the Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguins are truly the emperors of Antarctica as not only do they survive through the harsh Antarctic winters but they also are capa

The Ross Sea Becomes Earth's Largest Protected Marine Area

The Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world’s largest protected marine park. This has been signed in Hobart today by 24 countries and t

Scott’s ponies becoming unstuck

‘’English-men where flabbergasted…they had never dreamt that dogs could run in that way before a sledge, and already they felt contempt for

Explore the Ross Sea and Antarctica’s Largest Ice Shelf

Oceanwide Expeditions’ “Spectacular Ross Sea” voyage takes passengers through the Ross Sea, an immense bay south of the Antarctic Circle, on

Shackleton’s Push to the South Pole

On the evening of February 11, 1907, Irish-born polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, already among the more famous polar explorers, announced h