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HDS31-20, trip log, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Elephant Island, Antarctica

The weather was blustery and bright. Rays of warm sun broke through the clouds but were punctuated by frequent squalls, rushing down from th

HDS29-20, trip log, Antarctica - Learning and Discovery Trip

Our first morning in the famous Drake Passage. For some it felt like the swell had woken them up like a baby in a cradle. However, there wer

HDS27a-20, trip log, Antarctica - Discovery and Learning Voyage

After a delicious breakfast from our galley team, we gathered in the lounge to hear Mieke tell us about the different species of Penguin tha

PLA27-20, trip log, Antarctica Peninsula and South Shetlands Islands

In the afternoon we landed at Danco Island just like this morning a beautiful place again with many penguin and Skua looking to take advanta

OTL22-19, trip log, Weddell Sea

It was late afternoon on a windy but sunny and beautiful day in Ushuaia. The first passengers to arrive to Ortelius at 2pm were a group of y

PLA22-19, trip log, Antarctica

We started the morning with a delicious buffet breakfast and then headed to the lounge where Sara talked to us about penguins. Her lecture w

Adding Antarctica to Your Seven-Continents Bucket List

It’s a common pursuit among serious travelers to visit all seven continents. And indeed, the term “bucket list,” which became popular (if no

Antarctica and My Old Friend, Ortelius: Passenger Story by Ann Lane

I was on the recent Antarctic trip on Ortelius, 16 Feb - 7 March. This has been my third expedition with Oceanwide, and I continue to be ver

Cruise to Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula 3rd – 22nd December 2018

The first day was spent sailing towards the Falkland Islands, and on the second morning I woke to a bright day and was up on deck to see us

Wreck Diving in Antarctica

Scuba diving in Antarctica is a unique experience, no doubt about it. How many other places can you swim beneath icebergs and possibly see a

Deception Island deceptively active

In Antarctica, the South Shetland archipelago is home to Deception Island, a volcanic-rounded island that is 15 km in diameter with a shield

A Photo-Tour of our Cruise Ship the m/v Plancius

Welcome aboard the Plancius! She was originally named the Hr. Ms. Tydeman and was built as an oceanographic research vessel for the royal Du

Of Treacherous Rocks & Audacious Fin Whales

The morning dawned beautiful and calm, the Plancius weaving her way through the seas ever nearing Antarctic Sound. The waters were fantastic

Humpback Whales Sing for Food, Not Entertainment

The normal call of a humpback whale can be heard from miles away, and they often make noises that sound similar to crying, howling and moani

Diving with the leopard

I found myself eyeball to huge, black eyeball with this mighty seal - it hung in the water, gazing at me, that huge crooked mouth smiling.

The last remaining wildernesses on our planet are my passion.

15 years ago I had the opportunity to return to the Polar regions on the Oceanwide expedition vessels to guide and share my passion for thes