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About me

I've managed to scuba dive with manta rays in Palau, hot tub with snow monkeys in Japan, and have my hat eaten by a lemur in Madagascar, but there is one thing that I have not done, and that is swim with penguins in Antarctica So vote for me, and I promise to 'gram and 'tube and cover the Interwebs with the funniest stuff you've ever seen about SWIMMING WITH PENGUINS IN ANTARCTICA!!!

““Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.” – Jamie Lyn Beatty”

What is at stake?

A trip to Antarctica!

The 'Classic Antarctic' route. This cruise delivers you to wondrous landscapes found in one of the harshest environments on Earth. The great star-actors of Antarctica are the penguins and in total seven species could appear before your very own eyes.


About Oceanwide Expeditions

Pioneers of ship-based expeditions, inventors of Basecamp Antarctica, and the first company to take travelers to the remote Arctic island of Spitsbergen. With our own fleet of ice-strengthened vessels, we get you deep into the heart of this otherworldly environment so it can get deep into yours.