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Andrei Hanches


Like almost everyone in this contest,I'm a young naturalist.Birdwatching always has been a great passion of mine.The way bird life evolved around the south Atlantic,fascinates me more and more.We all like our garden birds,I certainly do,but this is more than an opportunity,to fallow in the footsteps of the great antarctic explorer and ornithologist,Edward Wilson.How exiting must be,to observe first hand a strange world,where humans hardly ever visit,but the world's most iconic birds call it a sanctuary!

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Andrei's motivation

Birds are beloved by everyone for sure,but any romantic birder,will be more than eager to watch the behavior of the king penguin unfolding in the wild.I certainly want to win this,because the island of South Georgia and the Falklands,are home to a few species of bird,that since my youth,captured my attention,the fierce Striped Caracara is one of these species,or the famous Macaroni Penguin.The raw hostility of these continental fragments is just as appealing to me,as the weird bird life that lives here.Evolution created not only a uniqueness of species on this lands but a world we all dream to see.

“" To travel is to live! "”

Andrei's favorite polar animal

Wandering Albatross – Wandering Albatrosses make shallow dives when hunting. They’ll also attempt to eat almost anything they come across and will follow ships in the hopes of feeding on its garbage.


1st prize

a 19-day cruise ticket to South Georgia, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

29 Nov - 18 Dec, 2017
19 nights
m/v Plancius

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