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Martyna SKura


When I was graduating all my friends were getting married, having children and buying houses. Discusions were ending with a question „Which table from IKEA should we get?”I decided I don’t want to buy any table yet. 2 weeks after graduating I was sitting in a plane to Georgia (Caucasus) where I volunteered in women’s empowerment organization. I spent year in China teaching and 1 year in Thailand working with international volunteers and coordinating community development projects. Love of my life in scuba diving. I’m a huge fan of outdoor sports and activties: kayaking, kitesurfing, hiking.

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Martyna's motivation

Although I traveled through Africa and Asia, all funniest and most memorable moments I have from cold regions like Iceland, mountains of Caucasus or winter trips in Europe. Visiting South Pole is my dream for years but I always though it’s not possible. Yet all my travels and living abroad taught me that if you can dream it you can do it. Spending 30 days in South Pole is not only about magnificent nature, stunning landscapes, whales and puffins. It’s about challenges and experience which shape your character, which change our life. It’s something which makes you a better person and inspiering others to make their dreams come true. I’m blogging about my travel experience since 2011. It's called "Life in 20 kg", because this is the way I live - I pack my backpack and move to another end on the planet to live and work there. All funny, sad and difficult experiece which shaped me as a person you can find there.

“A ship is safe in a harbor but this in not what ships are built for”

Martyna's favorite polar animal

Humpback Whale – Humpback Whales belong to the family of baleen wheels, which have a series of curtain-like filters in their mouths instead of teeth.


1st prize

A 30-day cruise ticket for Oceanwide Expeditions most spectacular expedition in Antarctica: Spectacular Ross Sea (with helicopters)!

15 Feb - 17 Mar, 2017
30 nights
m/v Ortelius
Crossing the Date Line

About Oceanwide Expeditions

Oceanwide Expeditions is one of the pioneers in ship-based exploratory voyages in the Arctic and Antarctica. We operate our cruises with small ice-strengthened vessels, ideal for exploration in these remote regions. While cruising in the Polar regions we are sure that you will become increasingly fascinated by these unique wildernesses, places of drama, wildlife, history and true emotion.