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Suzanne Van Der Veeken


Hi! My name is Suzanne. I'm an oceanpreneur, adventurist and mermaid in the making. I dedicate all my energy into saving our seas. I freedive into the deep and hitchsail across oceans to learn what’s happening with our ocean, and act accordingly to make a positive impact. Through actionsports and adventure trips I educate myself and others about ocean conservation. Vote me up and join me for the journey, to protect our playground, to make a difference, and to save our oceans. Suzanne The OceanPreneur

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Suzanne's motivation

The ocean is my office. Antartica is where all the oceans comes together. This trip to the end of the world would allow for exploration below the tip of the iceberg. I must experience this, learn as much as I can about the oceans, it's wildlife here, it's evolution and make the best plan on what we can do to preserve it for the future. I need to breath the freshest air of the planet, see the bluest of blue. I have to believe we still have purity somewhere out there and accordingly do everything to turn the tide. I would love to meet other oceanpreneurs, talk about ideas and projects to make a difference. I will share everything seen and learned this journey with the world, through video, picture and stories. So everyone can join, learn, and get motivated to save our oceans!

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world & have hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult - EB.W”

Suzanne's favorite polar animal

Blue Whale – Blue whales can truly claim the title of “gentle giants.” The largest creatures known to have ever lived on Earth, their tongues can outweigh elephants, their hearts can outweigh cars.


1st prize

A 30-day cruise ticket for Oceanwide Expeditions most spectacular expedition in Antarctica: Spectacular Ross Sea (with helicopters)!

15 Feb - 17 Mar, 2017
30 nights
m/v Ortelius
Crossing the Date Line

About Oceanwide Expeditions

Oceanwide Expeditions is one of the pioneers in ship-based exploratory voyages in the Arctic and Antarctica. We operate our cruises with small ice-strengthened vessels, ideal for exploration in these remote regions. While cruising in the Polar regions we are sure that you will become increasingly fascinated by these unique wildernesses, places of drama, wildlife, history and true emotion.