Catello Landolfi

区域: 北极

目的地: 斯匹次卑尔根

船: m/v Ortelius

This trip exeeded my expectations. What I wanted was a smaller ship with an accent to seeing wildlife. Here I got all I wanted. The crew and the guides were all dedicated to getting us to see as much wildlife as possible. Even though half of the guests on the ship were part of the same group (and language), staff did everything possible to ensure that we all could enjoy this trip (getting into zodiacs took incredible little time!) Once we got up at 6am because they saw a polar bear; and another day we did 3 zodiac trips in a single day! Professional, efficient and competent (I liked their lectures on wildlife). I also liked the ship; very clean, the cabin was large and confortable, food was plenty (even too much!) and of good quality. This trip has been faultless, from the booking process to disembarcation. I highly recommend this trip and Oceanwide Expeditions. Many on board were returning guests, I will also book another trip with them!




北斯批次卑尔根, 北极早春

NOOe-18. 在漫长的冬季结束,春季开始苏醒. 气候仍然像冬天一样(大雪覆盖山脉已经海岸,温度在零下10摄氏度左右). 这是体验冬季景色的好时机, 还可以邂逅北极熊, 海象和海豹.


23 Mar - 30 Mar, 2018


3050 USD

北斯批次卑尔根, 北极早春

NOO10-18. 在漫长的冬季结束,春季开始苏醒. 气候仍然像冬天一样(大雪覆盖山脉已经海岸,温度在零下10摄氏度左右). 这是体验冬季景色的好时机, 还可以邂逅北极熊, 海象和海豹.


15 Apr - 22 Apr, 2018



卑尔根群岛 - 滑雪&风帆高山峰顶


RVR14-18. 滑雪和帆船项目是为那些具有经验丰富的滑雪登山者挑战白雪覆盖的高山地形而设计的。 典型的一天包括雪山攀登,平均700-850米高,然后从顶峰滑下来(实际上一天累计的爬山总量甚至要多余1000米)。


27 Apr - 4 May, 2018


2990 USD