Mark Mussared

区域: 北极

目的地: 斯匹次卑尔根

船: m/v Ortelius

The Round-Svalbard Expedition was excellent. As the on board information puts it, Ortelius is basic but very comfortable and very well equipped. Her crew were extremely friendly and accommodating, and the food was plentiful and tasty without being extravagant. Having open access to the bridge at most times was a great privilege and was very much appreciated. We are very glad we chose Ortelius. The ship is just the right size - large enough to be comfortable but small enough for the experience to be personal. The expedition itself achieved all objectives regarding experiencing the environment and seeing wildlife. Polar bears, walrus, arctic fox, reindeer, seals, whales, and birds of most species were located, and we were given the best possible viewing opportunities. The guides were clearly very experienced, and were always looking to provide the best experiences onboard and ashore, whilst very conscious of the safety of the guests. For a great experience of the Arctic we recommend this trip very highly.




北斯批次卑尔根, 北极早春

NOOe-18. 在漫长的冬季结束,春季开始苏醒. 气候仍然像冬天一样(大雪覆盖山脉已经海岸,温度在零下10摄氏度左右). 这是体验冬季景色的好时机, 还可以邂逅北极熊, 海象和海豹.


23 Mar - 30 Mar, 2018



北斯批次卑尔根, 北极早春

NOO10-18. 在漫长的冬季结束,春季开始苏醒. 气候仍然像冬天一样(大雪覆盖山脉已经海岸,温度在零下10摄氏度左右). 这是体验冬季景色的好时机, 还可以邂逅北极熊, 海象和海豹.


15 Apr - 22 Apr, 2018


3050 USD

卑尔根群岛 - 滑雪&风帆高山峰顶


RVR14-18. 滑雪和帆船项目是为那些具有经验丰富的滑雪登山者挑战白雪覆盖的高山地形而设计的。 典型的一天包括雪山攀登,平均700-850米高,然后从顶峰滑下来(实际上一天累计的爬山总量甚至要多余1000米)。


27 Apr - 4 May, 2018


2990 USD