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Cleanup for Sarah continues

Cleanup for Sarah began in 2019 and takes place every year on June 16, Sarah’s birthday.

The Arctic Theater: Interview with Hans Beelen

When it comes to Arctic marine history, Hans Beelen has done his research. He has published books on the East India Company of the Netherlan

Oceanwide Removes Local Waste in Memory of Sarah Auffret

Oceanwide Expeditions joined numerous people around the world in the AECO-organized waste removal effort known as Cleanup for Sarah on June

Svalbard or Spitsbergen: What’s the Difference?

Outside the world of geopolitics or even polar travel, it’s probably not common knowledge that Svalbard and Spitsbergen are one in the same.

Six Arctic Seals

Owing to the large landmasses that populate the Northern Hemisphere, the Arctic has the most diverse wildlife of the planet’s polar regions.

Arctic on Foot: Hiking and Snowshoeing the Far North

The emphasis of our voyages is always getting you off the ship and into the action as often as possible. Although we travel from site to sit

Polar Bears and Pack Ice: 22 Pics from North Spitsbergen

Polar Bears and Pack Ice, Pronto: Pictures from North Spitsbergen

The Pack Ice and Polar Bears of North Spitsbergen

We’ve mentioned before that the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is one of the best places to spot polar bears. We’ve also mentioned that the

Seizing the Season: Spitsbergen’s Late Spring, Early Summer

Most Arctic expedition cruises fall into two camps: those that sail during the autumn and winter and focus primarily on the northern lights,

Publieksdag Expedities Spitsbergen 2015/2020 - Poolshoogte nemen!

Een nieuwe grote Nederlandse wetenschappelijke expeditie naar Spitsbergen staat weer in de steigers. Na het grote succes van SEES 2015 zulle

Sights and Sounds of Spitsbergen Aboard the New Hondius

Looking out over the pack ice after reaching 80 degrees north, this was the moment when I really felt like I was in the Arctic.

Spotlight on s/v Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht is one of two historic schooners we operate in the Arctic, and is the only ship in our fleet not technically owned by Oceanwide

PLA16-19, trip log, Spitsbergen - Northeast Greenland

Not long thereafter, we could demonstrate our newly gained knowledge when we embarked the zodiacs for our first landing at Buchananhalvøya,

PLA15-19, trip log, North Spitsbergen – 82 Degrees North

We slowly made our way towards the glacier, Svitjodbreen. An impressive wall of ice in blue and white colours made up the calving front of t

HDS11-19, trip log, North and Around Spitsbergen

The second hiking option was to walk to the “hanging garden” under the cliffs of the fjord, where we spotted reindeer and a white arctic fox

PLA14-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

Close to the landing site there were two old huts, Camp Mansfield, foundations and remains of railway lines with old steam boilers and drill

Oceanwide Expeditions cleanup removes 1,000 kg of plastic from Svalbard

Thirteen Oceanwide guides and 50 passengers removed roughly 1,000 kg (2,200 pounds) of plastic from the beaches of Svalbard last week, about

HDS09-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

After a mandatory safety briefing delivered by our Hotel Manager Michael, and the Chief Officer Matei, followed by a safety drill, we were

HDS08-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

We were shuttled ashore by zodiac and given time to wander around the museum, visit the small gift shop and send post cards home to loved on

Hondius Around Spitsbergen

We are Ximena and Michelle, tour operators from the Dutch company Norge Reiser. It was our first time in the Arctic, and we were very excite

HDS07-19, trip log, Around Spitsbergen

As breakfast was being served, we cruised in to Lilliehöökfjord, the sun was shining brightly on the calm, turquoise waters as we headed tow