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Eight Antarctic Misconceptions

Some are funny, some unfortunate, some are so far from the truth it’s hard to see how anyone believed them.

Adding Antarctica to Your Seven-Continents Bucket List

It’s a common pursuit among serious travelers to visit all seven continents. And indeed, the term “bucket list,” which became popular (if not...

8 Whales You Might See during Your Antarctica Cruise

They’re powerful. They’re beautiful. Some of them are really really big. Whales are a wonder of the natural world. Whale-watching is one of the...

A Photo-Tour of our Cruise Ship the m/v Plancius

Welcome aboard the Plancius! She was originally named the Hr. Ms. Tydeman and was built as an oceanographic research vessel for the royal Dutch...

Day and night in Antarctica

The abnormal day and light cycles cause great impact on humans, and scientists are using Antarctica to study its effects and how to prevent them.

Six Facts About the Crabeater Seals of Antarctica

As many as 75 million individual crabeater seals live in Antarctica, making them the most abundant seal in the world.

Humpback Whales Sing for Food, Not Entertainment

The normal call of a humpback whale can be heard from miles away, and they often make noises that sound similar to crying, howling and moaning....

Diving with the leopard

I found myself eyeball to huge, black eyeball with this mighty seal - it hung in the water, slowly twisting and gazing at me, that huge crooked...

The last remaining wildernesses on our planet are my passion.

About 15 years ago Oceanwide Expeditions gave me the opportunity to return to the Polar regions on their expedition cruise vessels, to guide...

OTL28-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

Highlights for two or three lucky zodiacs were a fluffy Light-mantled sooty albatross chick on a nest right at the edge of the island; and a...

PLA30-20, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula, Polar Circle

After 2 days in the Drake Passage, we got a lovely morning call early by Ali: "Good morning, the ship is surrounded by humpback whales!" Slowly...

OTL27-20, trip log, Ross Sea Odyssey

The expedition to the Ross Sea had begun in earnest and at 6pm Captain Ernesto, came to the bar for a welcoming toast to the passengers and to...

PLA29-19, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula – Polar Circle Voyage

After lunch, many of us headed out on deck to enjoy the ocean whilst other took the opportunity to have a little siesta. At 3pm Marijke gave...

PLA30-18, trip log, Polar Circle, Antarctic Peninsula

Today we felt the exquisite new feeling of accomplishment, achievement, and long harboured dream for many of us as we stood upon the Antarctic...

OTL29-17, trip log, Antarctic Peninsula - to the Polar Circle and back

This morning we woke up before 7 am to be ready to go through the scenic Lemaire Channel. The weather, however, was against us. It was foggy,...

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