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Northeast Greenland National Park

Northeast Greenland National Park is the world’s largest national park and the ninth largest protected area on Earth. It should come as litt

Greenland: East vs. West

East and West Greenland are very different in terms of climate, wildlife, habitation, and geology. This means visiting them yields different

The Arctic Theater: Interview with Hans Beelen

When it comes to Arctic marine history, Hans Beelen has done his research. He has published books on the East India Company of the Netherlan

Six Arctic Seals

Owing to the large landmasses that populate the Northern Hemisphere, the Arctic has the most diverse wildlife of the planet’s polar regions.

Arctic on Foot: Hiking and Snowshoeing the Far North

The emphasis of our voyages is always getting you off the ship and into the action as often as possible. Although we travel from site to sit

Greenland: Land of Superlatives

On September 16th, I flew to Iceland and spent an evening in Reykjavik, then crossed the island for the town of Akureyri the next day.

Eight Facts About the Rowdy, Resilient Musk Ox

Given how violent their lives can be, it may come as some surprise that musk oxen live as long as they do. Twenty years, after all, is a lon

HDS15-19, trip log, Scoresby Sund, Aurora Borealis

We finally start our first real day in East Greenland. After a quiet night in the sheltered fjords, we arrive early at Vikingebugt. The visi

PLA16-19, trip log, Spitsbergen - Northeast Greenland

Not long thereafter, we could demonstrate our newly gained knowledge when we embarked the zodiacs for our first landing at Buchananhalvøya,

The Arctic’s Most Phenomenal Fjords

Fjords are a phenomenon typically associated with the steep, deep-forested coastlines of Norway, particularly the Arctic regions of Northern

Peaks, Fjords, and Auroras: 14 East Greenland Attractions

Nothing against the west coast, but many travelers agree it is more touristic and developed (and hence, less wild and adventurous) than Gree

The Arctic Hare: Easter Bunny²

In preparation for Easter Sunday, let’s explore all the ways this so-called polar rabbit (which really isn’t a rabbit at all) might in fact

Arctic and a Coffee: Interview with a Polar Sailing Captain

Some people travel to the Arctic for the polar bears and seabirds, others for all those ice-spackled bays and peaks dusted with snow no hand

Two for the Snow: Polar Cruises for Couples

You know the old saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.” We’re not doctors or anything, but in our opinion that bodes well for couples who visit t

Where the Polar Bears Roam

Going to the Arctic without clapping eyes on a real-life polar bear might reasonably be compared to visiting Africa without seeing a giraffe

8 Scientific Wonders of the Arctic

The Arctic’s frozen landscape not only contains scenic gems, it also prompts fascinating advances in research. Here are some of the eight be

Tracking Greenland’s Wildlife from Space

Despite Greenland’s harsh environment, life has found a way to thrive there. If you’re lucky enough to embark on a Greenland cruise, you sta

Bring out the Bowheads: Our Largest Whale Count in Years

Researchers aboard Oceanwide Expeditions vessel m/v Plancius spotted between 104—114 bowhead whales during a June 1st cruise along the east

Amazing Greenland

If you ever get the chance to take a trip to Greenland, you will be amazed by its coastlines, fjords, ice-covered peaks, and great expanse o

Arctic Foxes: Constant Gardeners of the Arctic

The Arctic fox is a circumpolar species found across the Arctic, extending from Greenland, Iceland, and Svalbard across Eurasia to North Ame

Secrets of the Snowy Owl: Habitat, Adaptations, and Other Facts

The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus), also known as the great white owl or Arctic owl, is one of the most distinctive bird species on the planet.