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Ski & Sail in West Greenland - first time trips successfully implemented

by Oceanwide Expeditions Blog

The skiers topped some beautiful alpine summits and snowshoe walkers conquered hill tops with great views over mountains and fjords.
Antarctic Peninsula

The awarded Ski & Sail program in West Greenland was a great success.

The first voyage aboard sv Rembrandt van Rijn of the season was a quite challenge as the skiers encountered less snow cover due to fewer snowfalls and disappearing snow cover by unusually warm spring temperatures compared to recent years. No problem for the mountain guides , they did a great job find best possible ski tours in Eternity fjord and Hamborgerland.

Ski & sail in West Greenland

The guests were very satisfied with the program. The second and third week brought some fresh powder snow and fantastic weather for skiing, snowshoeing and zodiac cruising.
Barbeques on deck and hot chocolate with Rum kept the spirits amongst the passengers high. Happy end!

Ski & Sail in 2014 available now

Are you ready for adventure? The below Ski & Sail dates for 2014 are available for reservation now:
RVR08-14 West Greenland - Ski & Sail - Aurora Borealis , 01 – 08 April, 2014
RVR09-14 West Greenland - Ski & Sail , 08 – 16 April, 2014
RVR10-14 West Greenland - Ski & Sail , 16 – 24 April, 2014
RVR11-14 West Greenland - Ski & Sail , 24 April – 01 May, 2014

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