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20 Reasons Why You Should Avoid a Lofoten Cruise at All Costs

by Daniel Fox Blog

Antarctic Peninsula

1. Why would you even go on an Arctic cruise in the first place? There’s nothing to see there.

2. It’s just snow, snow, and more snow.

3. If you wanted a frosty reception you could just visit the in-laws.

4. And once you got there, you’d be completely alone.

5. The food’s probably lousy.

6. You’d be sitting there freezing while eating out of tin cans.

7. You’ve seen one snow-capped mountain, you’ve seen them all, right?

8. And other than mountains, what would you look at?

9. I mean, isn’t that the part of the world where there are barely any sunsets ever?

10. And at night, how are you supposed to get any rest with all of that light pollution?

11. Close the curtains!

12. I just want to get some sleep!

13. If you did finally manage to catch a few winks you’d just wake up to the same thing all over again.

14. It’s not like you’d ever get to experience trying something you’d never done before.

15. And then there’s the wildlife constantly pestering you.

16. Shoo!

17. Even the skies aren’t safe.

18. Seriously, it’s not worth it.

19. It’s best to stay home.

20. Adventure is overrated anyway.

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